New & used tire shop and rubber recycling company in Surrey, BC, Canada. @country.tire.surrey

We were tasked with creating the company’s Instagram page and website design to communicate a feeling of trust and modernity with the goal of growing awareness, leads, and sales.

We wanted to create a feeling of safety, combined with visuals to show the shop’s inviting atmosphere. Our goal was to create a unique, captivating social media experience from an industry you might not expect.

The brand's goal was to spread awareness that not all tire shops are the same, and none match Country Tire. The company's sleek and unexpected Instagram presence is a clue towards the sleek experience you’ll receive from the business.

We used brand colors and eye-catching tire graphics in unconventional scenes, to get people engaged and enjoy an outside-the-norm social media channel.

The Instagram feed flow is filled with meme culture and motion graphics. Animation is a key contributor to evoking emotions in customers.

Memes talk to people and make people talk
Social Media Ad
Create an ad for Social Media to attract new walk-in customers, get DMs, and create a “wow effect” creative ad for Social Media.
Creative animation "Dude with a Sign".

Timing: 15 seconds
Placement: Instagram and Facebook
Tools: Illustration, stop-motion, photo content.

  • Used the current meme culture (Dude with a Sign) for inspiration and created content that is identifiable, unique, yet relatable.
  • Attracted attention instantly in the first frame with the catchphrase: Why are tires so damn expensive?
  • Used a local building from the area where the shop is located to create recognition and association of trust in the neighborhood of potential clients.
  • Showcased great prices and products through photos and infographics.
  • Used a defined and simple call to action at the end.
Views: 48,649
Total Spend: $2900 CAD over 11 months
Profile Visits: 2,480
Website Taps: 438
Follows: 450

We made sure our photoshoots included the real company staff to build a connection between customers and team members. Again, the emphasis was to communicate the feeling of reliability, a family-owned business, and trust. Using the tires and cars as inspiration, the scenes were set to evoke playfulness and the idea of an amazing yet dependable customer experience.

  • The best tire Instagram in the industry

  • Ongoing DM inquiries from customers

  • New channel for sales and bookings via Instagram
  • 20% increase in website and shop traffic

  • Huge increase in brand awareness in the online space with a new customer base